Link Natural Samahan Herbal Extracts 50 x 4g

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Sundara srinivasan
Amazing as always

Samahan has been very helpful specially in winter and rainy seasons. we always stock this just in case..

Evelyn ahuja
best samahan mixture

Literally, the best to herbal mixture drink to avoid a cold. I see the 14 ingredients ofsamahanare really powerful I can pay more for this product and have by my side. the best part has never had any side effects which is why I love this!!

mohan mohan
taste good health good

I was introduced to this wonderful tea by my colleagues at work when I was having flu and suffering badly. This is amazing drink. I could feel the difference right after taking this for 1 day. from that day I am giving this to my husband and my child and wetake 1 sachet every day even when we do not have any cold or flu. it helps boost ourimmunity. now even I sent this to my inlaws in Ahmedabad and theyalso loved it. I mean good taste with good health who doesn'twant? thanks toaarohiwho gave me this first time.

sweet and spicy

very easy to use and very practical, just pour the sachet contents in hot water and in 1 min the drink is ready. the taste is good somewhat spicy and with cane sugar already added. it gives sweet flavourtoo.

good tea for all seasion

Such a great tea! Helps me very much with cold symptoms! Ordered it again and recommend it to all my family and friends. they also loved it. I take this every day and 365 days. even when I am travelling I keep few sachets ofsamahanin my bag.